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I don't think it's possible to be a passionate seller of vintage jewelry without also being a collector. I love vintage jewelry, it tells a story if you're willing to listen. From the sentimental and mourning jewelry of Victorian era jewelry to the jazzy jewelry of art deco jewelry, the rhinestone jewelry of the 1950s, even the exuberant jewelry of the 1980s, all are wearable time capsules that exude the spirit of the decade they were created in while making you look good!     

Mary Marchione found her first piece of vintage jewelry at a yard sale when she was 8.  Although she didn't know it then, it started a love affair with vintage jewelry that burst into flame at her first estate sale in 1999.  Since then she has searched for, collected and sold vintage jewelry.  She will collect and sell both affordable costume jewelry as well as high end fine jewelry.  As she often tells others when searching for jewelry, "I don't care if it's gold, I care if it's old".

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